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How data-driven is your organization?

Can your organization turn data into information, and information into insight ?

Every company, regardless of its size, business sector, and service offering, generates performance data every day of operation. In modern business world, data are treated as one of the company's most valuable assets and data-driven initiatives as a potential crystal ball that will help decision-makers see future outcomes.

Data analysis eliminates instincts, personal opinions, or general observations from the decision-making process and provides facts, trends, insights, and logical assumptions to support informed and calculated business decisions.

In is.predicted we believe data should be at the heart of business decision-making and business models should be build around data.

Our aim is to help companies drive their business forward and outperform competition by building a data culture and making analytics a fundamental part of their business.

We are here to help you reach your full data-driven potential!

What we offer

We convert databases into decision-support tools and historical data into better-informed decisions.

We provide modern-day data engineering practices and the most recent data analysis techniques accredited by the scientific community, to turn raw data into useful data and enable maximum utilization of your organization’s resources. We cleanse, analyze, model and interpret your organization’s data to discover and predict behaviors, trends, and recognize hidden patterns. Our services include the following

Data-driven applications in business sectors

Risk management
Marketing engineering
Sports Science
The future is bright and data-oriented. So is your business!

Our Great Team

Mathematicians and data specialists take control of your business data. Our passioned team is composed of professionals with a solid background in data analysis, enabling us to apply pure science to deliver modern business solutions. All together, we put our knowledge into action to offer premium and sophisticated services to achieve business optimization.

Michael Nikolouzos

The Cerebro

M. Nikolouzos, CEO and co-founder, has a solid background in data analysis and machine learning practices for more than 20 years. He has a Master of Science in Pure Mathematics and he is a PhD candidate in Stochastic Processes & Modelling in Athens University of Economics and Business.

Sofia Galatoula

The Mastermind

S. Galatoula, co-founder, is a skilled Senior Finance professional with a MSF Degree from Bentley University, Boston, MA. She is an accredited Financial Modelling and Analyst with 10+ years of experience in financial planning and analysis.

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